Congratulations to all those who have been invited for an interview at Oxford!

We here at the Law Faculty hope you enjoy your interview time here in Oxford. That may sound strange, and you may well be very nervous about your interview, but please don’t worry. An interview is much like a tutorial, being a conversation between you and the tutors, and a chance to talk about your subject and show your academic enthusiasm. Tutorial teaching is what makes Oxford so different from many other universities, so we really want to see whether or not you’ll thrive here under that system. It’s also a chance for you to live in a college for a few days and see what life in Oxford is really like, so talk to the current undergraduates in college and explore for yourself what we have to offer.

You will have been invited for interview by a college, and that college will have sent you lots of information about getting here, where to go, and what you’ll be required to do once here. Interviews for Law at Oxford are held in colleges, not in the Faculty, so you won’t actually see us here at the St Cross Building for your interview. (If you are offered a place, you’ll be at the Faculty for lectures, seminars, and other events, as well as having teaching in college.) Your college should be your first port of call for any information, so if you have any questions please do get in touch with them.

In terms of preparing for your interview, we highly recommend you read the University’s guide to interviews. Have a look at our video of a mock interview with Sarah Green to get a feel for what an interview might look like. Re-read your personal statement, and any books or articles you might have mentioned having read. We don’t require students to have any prior knowledge of law before starting a degree here at the Law Faculty, so you won’t be grilled on specific laws or particular cases! But we are interested in people who really think about things, and are excited about learning.

Good luck!