Research assistant to Dr Roxana Willis

Dr Roxana Willis and Barrister Mbinkar Caroline are looking for one or two Research Assistants to join a team to investigate alleged human rights abuses committed during the ongoing civil conflict in Cameroon, West Africa. The work will involve legal research and writing. This includes collecting and analysing reports of human rights abuses, preparing a document about the conflict to submit to the UK Parliament in October (written evidence is sought by 4th October), researching the legal context of the civil conflict and working with the team to decide what action to take in purported cases of torture and miscarriages of justice.

Either as part of the above post, or as a completely separate post, we also require research support to prepare a document for ethical research review, through the Central University Research Ethics Committee (CUREC). CUREC approval is required for all forms of empirical research. Completing this will involve working alongside Dr Roxana Willis who has completed several CUREC applications in the past. This can either form part of the above legal research work, or be a separate research position, depending on interest.

Duration and hours

The first stage of research will take place in September and October continuing until June 2020. Future work might include helping to prepare for advocacy and educational related events, as well as supporting the development of a research project and interviews.

The hours are variable, but the assistant(s) will be expected to work a maximum total of 240 hours over the course of the project and the assistant(s) can work up to 8 hours in any given week.


The post will report to Dr Roxana Willis.


  • A general understanding of the field of law is essential.
  • A strong understanding of human rights law is essential.
  • Previous legal experience, human rights work, and/or experience of African legal issues is desirable.
  • Excellent writing and research skills, and access to online search tools and a law library.
  • Excellent admin and IT skills are essential.
  • Strong copy editing and communication skills. 
  • (For any applicants wishing to only work on the CUREC aspect of the project, organisational skills, over human rights and legal skills, are most relevant.)


This post is open to current graduate research students in the Law Faculty and the hours are in line with the restrictions on working hours for students.

Rate of Pay*

For work lasting more than 12 weeks: This will be paid at the standard research assistant rate of £15.37/hour plus holiday pay of £2.63 = total of £18.00/hour


This post is funded by the University’s John Fell Fund. (Project Code BAD00180)

How to Apply

A short CV and cover letter (including the name of your supervisor, if any) should be sent by email to ( by midday Friday 20th September. Please explain briefly how you meet the requirements and give details of your availability during the research period.  

Supervisors may be asked for a reference.

Informal enquiries may be emailed to Karen Eveleigh

*Karen Eveleigh, Elizabeth Hodges the Personnel Officer or the Centre Administrator will advise on the appropriate rate for each project.

Guidelines for Faculty members / line managers

Graduate Studies Committee agreed in Michaelmas Term 2013 the following guidelines and stipulations which were endorsed by the Law Faculty Board the same term.

BCL/MJur students are not permitted to undertake paid work of any kind for the Faculty, and are advised against undertaking paid work offered from any other source as well.

PRS, MPhil, and MSt students are not permitted to undertake teaching for the Faculty but can undertake up to eight hours’ paid work per week and can be employed by the Faculty up to that limit for work other than teaching.

DPhil students can undertake up to eight hours’ paid work of any kind (including teaching) per week and can be employed by the Faculty up to that limit.

Any queries regarding the eligibility of a particular student should be directed to Geraldine Malloy in the Faculty Office.