Police Professionalism Seminar

Event date
29 April 2012
Event time
Oxford week
St Peter's College

Police Professionalism Seminar

The Police Professionalism Seminar brings together police practitioners with academics studying the police in an active exchange.  Understanding police professionalism will be in the forefront of thinking on police reform in the UK in the coming year and beyond.  The seminar hopes to provide participants with an opportunity to critically assess viewpoints on – and prospects for – professionalism in the public police nationally and internationally.

The morning will consist of moderated discussions, where presenter-respondent pairs will stimulate debate on what it means for police to be considered, and to consider themselves, professional.  The afternoon’s panels will provide participants with an opportunity to engage with academics and research students working on various aspects of professionalism.  Morning and afternoon will examine historical, empirical and philosophical claims regarding the implications of police professionalism for police and for democratic societies.

The event is now fully booked.

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