Dr Laura Hoyano has funding from the Faculty’s Research Support Fund for one, or possibly two, graduate research assistants for the Easter and Long Vacs for 75 hours of assistance with the next edition of her book (with Dr Caroline Keenan) Child Abuse Law and Policy Across Boundaries (OUP 2007, 2010). The first edition was awarded the Inner Temple Book Prize 2008 as “an invaluable source of ideas and law, theory and practice” and making an “outstanding contribution to the formation and understanding of legal policy and thus to the administration of law in this country”. So I hope that the research assistants will find the project stimulating.

The book examines the litigation of allegations of child abuse in criminal, family, tort and human rights law, considering the investigation and trial of such cases as well as liability rules. There is a large chapter on the law of evidence. Whilst the main focus is the law in the UK, there is substantial comparative material on all topics from Canada, Australia, the US and New Zealand. This edition will add in more material from the Republic of Ireland and South Africa, and address new topics in child sexual exploitation and trafficking.

Work: updating of all sections of the book in relation to these jurisdictions other than England and Wales and in addition children’s rights in international law. The comparative material must be updated from 2007 as the paperback edition in  2010 updated only the UK material

At least one of the assistants should be familiar with evidence doctrines (though not necessarily English law), as this is the most technical area and so the assistant will need to be able to evaluate the significance of developments. Otherwise, applicants certainly do not need to be already familiar with all these areas of law, as the book itself will provide sufficient information to provide the basis for updating, and we will decide together the search methodology.

Pay and terms and conditions will be in accordance with the document from the Research Support Fund, available on the Faculty website. £16.41 per hour.

Laura is happy to respond to any inquiries about the project.

Application deadline: Wednesday, March 10 (8th Week) so that she can meet with applicants before the end of term (which will have to be in the evening, as she is in a lengthy child sexual exploitation trial at the moment away from Oxford). If anyone has difficulties with the deadline please let herknow.

Applicants should send a CV indicating research experience, and also ask their supervisors to send her an email with their comments and their consent to your working on this project.


Laura Hoyano: laura.hoyano@law.ox.ac.uk

Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Oxford

Senior Research Fellow, Wadham College, Oxford