Dr Genevieve Helleringer is looking for a research assistant to help with a project on Operating Law in a global context (mainly assistance with proofreading in the field of private law).

Duration and hours

The work is to start immediately and will run until February 2018.

The hours will vary (and can be arranged to match the assistant’s constraints), but the assistant is expected to work up to 40 hours for that period.


The assistant will work directly with Dr Helleringer


 A general understanding of the field of private law is essential. Some knowledge in corporate law or consumer law is a desirable.

English as a mother tongue and excellent writing skills are essential. The main part of the work will consist in assisting for proofreading.


This post is open to current graduate research students in the Law Faculty and the hours are in line with the restrictions on working hours for students.

Rate of Pay

This will be paid at the standard research assistant rate of £14.56/hour plus holiday pay of £2.49 = total of £17.05/hour. 


This post is funded by the Law Faculty’s Research Support Fund.

How to Apply

A short CV (including the name of your supervisor, if any) should be sent by email to genevieve.helleringer@law.ox.ac.uk by the 13th of September. Informal enquiries may be emailed directly to Geneviève Helleringer.


Guidelines for Faculty members / line managers

Graduate Studies Committee agreed in Michaelmas Term 2013 the following guidelines and stipulations which were endorsed by the Law Faculty Board the same term.

BCL/MJur students are not permitted to undertake paid work of any kind for the Faculty, and are advised against undertaking paid work offered from any other source as well.

PRS, MPhil, and MSt students are not permitted to undertake teaching for the Faculty but can undertake up to eight hours’ paid work per week and can be employed by the Faculty up to that limit for work other than teaching.

DPhil students can undertake up to eight hours’ paid work of any kind (including teaching) per week and can be employed by the Faculty up to that limit.

Any queries regarding the eligibility of a particular student should be directed to Geraldine Malloy in the Faculty Office.