Applications are welcome for visits starting October 2018.

The Research Visitor Programme encourages scholars, judges, practitioners, post-doctoral researchers and policy-makers engaged in the field of human rights law to visit the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights. The programme is designed for visitors who plan a period of self-directed research to spend time at the Institute to undertake research. Graduate students, whether at doctoral or master’s level, are not eligible for this programme, however the University has a visiting graduate student programme (recognised student scheme).

Research Visitors to the Institute will have the opportunity to participate in many of the activities of the Institute and are encouraged to contribute to the collegial research environment.  Research Visitors will be entitled to make use of the University’s research facilities and libraries, and to attend seminars and lectures and other academic gatherings open to the university community. Senior Research Visitors may also apply to be appointed as Visiting Research Fellows of Mansfield College and all Research Visitors may apply for Senior Common Room membership at Mansfield College, where the Institute is housed. Visits can be for periods from one university term to a full academic year and applications may be made at any time.

Before applying to this scheme, you will need to establish a ‘sponsor’ within the Faculty of Law or Institute who will support your visit. Staff contact details can be found here.

Once you have the support of a sponsor, please read the guidelines and download and complete the Research Visitor Programme application form and send to the Institute Administrator.

Bonavero Institute Research Visitors & Team, Michaelmas Term 2017

Current Research Visitors