As we look to the future, your support for Oxford Law is more important than ever. Giving to Oxford Law ensures that our students and faculty not only have the resources to meet and understand the challenges facing the modern world, but to achieve transformative and positive change across societies.

You can choose how and where to direct your support. You can make an unrestricted gift to the Oxford Law Fund or you can direct your gift to one of the following areas of support that matters to you:

Dean's Scholars Fund

Graduate students in conversation
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Oxford Law is a meeting place for some of the most gifted graduate students from around the world. Many talented students remain unable to take up their places at Oxford Law due to lack of available funding. As other traditional sources of funding are stretched to support graduates affected by the lockdown or are no longer available due to economic pressures on funding bodies, financial support for the next generation of alumni has become ever more important.

We have launched the Dean’s Scholars Fund to provide financial support and opportunities to those students who have so much to offer to our collective future.

Your gift will allow us to offer financial support to the most creative and diligent students, irrespective of background, and ensure they can accept their offer without hesitation. It will help shape the next generation of graduates, give them the intellectual freedom to explore questions at the most fundamental level, and make a positive impact on society long into the future. Supporting graduates gives Oxford Law a stronger voice in the world by enabling us to attract exceptional graduate students from all backgrounds, regardless of their financial need.

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Research and Teaching

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The foundation of Oxford Law is the size, strength, and diversity of our community of legal scholars. From the role of artificial intelligence in the workplace to corporate finance and commercial law, and from environmental law to human rights, our Faculty members have continuously been at the forefront of legal research. Support for research and teaching enable us to attract and retain some of the leading scholars and teachers of the legal world, and to invest in the latest ideas and research.

If you would like to discuss how to support research and teaching at Oxford Law, please get in touch.

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