Testimonial 3


Discussing media law reforms in Serbia


The 2012/13 team from the University of Nis, Serbia, shared their story on being called as media law experts to participate in a roundtable discussion on media law reforms in their country:

On 4th July 2013 the team from the University of Nis, Serbia, participated in a round table discussion concerning the reform of public information in Serbia and the Serbian Public Information Act. The round table was organized by The Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia (IJAS) gathering many well-known journalists, law experts and professors both from Serbia and neighbouring countries.

The team from the University of Nis, which consisted of Ivana Stankovic, Milica Nikolic, Milica Andrejevic, Teodora Velickovic, Stevan Stanojevic, Sasa Markota and the coach Dejan Vucetic, was awarded best written memorials and were octa finalists in the 2013 international rounds of the Price Media Law Moot Court Competition. The experience from the competition, the knowledge acquired during preparations and continued interest in media law were the main reasons for the team’s invitation to the round table. Having researched almost all major jurisprudences in the world during their preparations for the competition, the team from Nis was able to contribute valuable points on the importance of adopting proper legislation regarding public information and media and the consequences of failing to do so. Raising issues and discussing solutions in these round tables play a very important role in society as they improve the quality of laws.

This shows that the quality of the Price Media Law Moot Court Competition is respected, and that afterwardsthe participants are recognized as experts in the field of media law. So not only was the experience from the competition rewarding by itself, but it also opened many doors for their future careers in media law.


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