Cultural Expertise in Europe: What is it useful for? - EURO-EXPERT

Prof. Livia Holden is the Principal Investigator of Cultural Expertise in Europe: What is it useful for? - EURO-EXPERT, project funded by a European Research Council Consolidator Grant September 2016 to September 2021.

EURO-EXPERT was based at the University of Oxford from the 1st October 2017 to 29 February 2020 and moved to Paris Nanterre on the 1st March 2020.

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EURO-EXPERT focuses on cultural expertise reformulated as the special knowledge that enables socio-legal scholars, experts in laws and cultures, or, more generally speaking, cultural mediators - the so-called cultural brokers-, to locate and describe relevant facts in light of the particular background of the claimants and litigants and for the use of the decision-making authority. EURO-EXPERT collects both quantitative and qualitative data for answering the following question:  Cultural Expertise in Europe: What is it useful for?  EURO-EXPERT addresses the demand for new instruments for conflict resolution that strive for substantive justice in multicultural and diverse societies.