10 Apr 2020

Ian Loader's 'Insight Paper' for The Strategic Review of Policing in England & Wales

Jeremias Prassl photo
06 Apr 2020

Professor Jeremias Adams-Prassl on the gig economy in times of COVID-19

14 Apr 2020

Mimi Zou interviewed for article on China's unemployment safety net

02 Apr 2020

Article by Charles Foster on the positives that might come out of the coronavirus crisis

27 Mar 2020

Article in The Independent highlights call for release of pregnant women from prison supported by Shona Minson.

05 Dec 2019

Dr Roxana Radu contributes to ‘Busted! The Truth about 50 Most Common Internet Myths’

04 Nov 2019

Laura Hoyano's guest blog post on the Henriques Review of Operation Midland

26 Sep 2019

Faculty members comment on Supreme Court ruling

23 Sep 2019

Prorogation of Parliament Explained

Dr Shona Minson
12 Sep 2019

Dr Shona Minson on Channel 5 News

29 Jul 2019

Ros Burnett discusses her research on Victoria Derbyshire Show.

How does contributory negligence work in the court?

Contributory Negligence in the Twenty-First Century: An Empirical Study

Oxford Guidance on the Law Relating to Humanitarian Relief Operations in Situations of Armed Conflict

Reforming law for international trade

22 May 2019

Paper in 'Science' co-authored by Thom Wetzer tackles climate change issues

20 May 2019

Evidence from 'Treaties, Brexit and the Constitution' research project cited in House of Lords report

03 Apr 2019

Dr Tarun Khaitan discusses democracy in a Philosophy 24/7 podcast

29 Mar 2019

Interview with Les Green in new 3.16AM magazine

13 Mar 2019

Sue Bright interviewed on BBC Look North

20 Feb 2019

Richard Ekins argues for new treason law