Decolonising the Law

The discussion group offers a forum to reflect on the idea and practice of decolonisation in the field of law. The discussion group is oriented towards three things: first, to discuss research which seeks to explain and critique different areas of law from a decolonial perspective; second, to discuss pedagogical methods and theory which seek to transform the teaching and learning of law; and third, to provide a space for students and Faculty to reflect on their own teaching and learning in law. 

The discussion group meets three times during term time. Each of the meetings focuses on one of the three aspects above (although there is considerable overlap in conversation), with the final meeting run as a more informal 'Read and Greet' social. Faculty members, visiting academics, graduate students and academics from Law as well as other Faculties and institutions are warmly invited to attend and participate in the meetings. 

If you are interested in taking part and/or would like to recommend a speaker for one of our next events, please contact Shreya Atrey.

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