The Digital Economy & Society (DES) research programme is dedicated to the study of digital transformation processes and their implications on societies. The main research themes include the sharing economy and the gig economy, tech-fin and fintech, cybersecurity policy, and e-commerce and cross-border transactions. Research areas in which scholars affiliated with the programme are currently engaged include consumer protection and digital justice, digital privacy and data protection, cybersecurity and cybercrime, public administration and policymaking, cross-border data sharing and data transfer, and governance structure and regulatory models.

The DES programme promotes research relating to the above areas and more by facilitating discussions and events, publication dissemination, and the sharing of research resources. As well as our academic endeavours, we welcome research collaboration opportunities with both the private sector and the public sector: the former through consultancy proposals from potential industry partners seeking support with research on sustainable innovation; the latter via knowledge exchange requests from public sector policy and practitioner communities with a view to generate research impact.