Organisers: Professor Ulf Bernitz and Professor Ariel Ezrachi

Last year saw the publication of an important study by the European Commission titled The economic impact of modern retail on choice and innovation in the EU food sector. In the same year the German competition authority, the Bundeskartellamt, reported on a sector inquiry into the German food retail sector, examining the structures of the market and the nature of bargaining within it. These studies occurred against a backdrop of significant change in a number of European grocery markets and a keen interest in unfair practices and their impact on choice and innovation for the shopper.

This eleventh Oxford Symposium takes Choice and innovation in grocery as its theme. During the day the nature and drivers of buyer power will be explored, as well as how choice and innovation have been and could be assessed in competition analysis. There will be a particular focus on the role of private label products in the relationship between retailers and suppliers and their effect on bargaining power.

In the afternoon, new research will be presented on outcomes of trust and the relevance of innovation, how shoppers make their choices and the influence that pack designs have on buying behaviour and performance within categories. Such research gives insights into the nature of competition between branded and private label products, of relevance when considering how to define markets where both types of products are present.

The programme will conclude with a roundtable discussion.


The event is sponsored by the law firm Bristows LLP.


The conference is accredited with 5 CPD hours by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and for barristers at the Bar of England and Wales.




Philippe Chauve (DG Comp, European Commission)

Birgit Krueger (Bundeskartellamt)

Rosemary Choueka (Bristows LLP)

Koen Platteau (Simmons & Simmons LLP)

Professor Roman Inderst (Goethe University)

Dr Michael Bauer (CMS Hasche Sigle)

Jan Peter van der Veer (RBB Economics)

Dr Oliver Koll and Richard Herbert (Europanel)

Dr Tim Holmes (Acuity Intelligence)

Professor Anocha Aribarg (University of Michigan)

Nicole Kar (Linklaters LLP)

The roundtable will be chaired by Dr Philip Marsden (Competition & Markets Authority)


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Registration: There is no charge to attend.



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