The International Journal of Law in Context and the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies at the University of Oxford jointly invite early career scholars to participate in a workshop to be held in Oxford, June 29–30, 2015.

The purpose of this international workshop is to bring together scholars at a relatively early stage in their careers to support them in developing research projects and preparing publications to
submit to scholarly journals in the field of socio-legal studies. During the workshop scholars will make a presentation, take part in discussion, and receive feedback on their work from senior
research staff at the Centre and the editorial team of the Journal. The best papers presented at the workshop will be considered for publication in the International Journal of Law in Context.

The deadline for applications is April 17. To be eligible to apply, you must be either a PhD student in socio-legal studies whose doctoral submission is expected in 2015, or a post-doctoral researcher who has completed a thesis within the last three years. Applications from inside and outside the UK are welcome. The ten best submissions will be selected and applicants will be invited to the workshop.

To make an application you should send a 1500-word extended abstract together with a cover letter with your name and contact information, details about your place of study or work, and the date of your expected or past doctoral submission. Abstracts may be on any contextual work
dealing with law and its relationship with other social science disciplines.

Please send applications to Katie Hayward,