A light sandwich lunch is served at 12.50pm. All are welcome.

The Oxford CCW Programme is devoted to the interdisciplinary study of war and armed conflict. Some 11 titles have now been published in the CCW series at Oxford University Press, including The Changing Character of War (2011). Based at Pembroke College, CCW conduct research on a wide range of issues pertaining to the history of war in the modern period, and seek to be ‘policy-relevant’ to more recent conflicts through elucidation, explication and education. In 2014-15, their research priorities are the changing relationship between war and the state, war in a connected world, conventional and unconventional warfare, civilians in war, the history of the laws of war and the moral dimensions of war. The CCW programme welcomes Visiting Research Fellows who wish to contribute to our research themes, and seeks the participation of practitioners by bringing to Oxford representatives of the armed services, of governments and of multinational organisations, to engage in research projects, conferences and seminars.

Information about forthcoming events in Hilary Term 2015 is available on the Events pages. The full term card is also available as a PDF.