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The harmonisation of contract law figures prominently on the agenda of international organisations. For a long time, Latin America has been notably absent from this trend, although (or perhaps, because) the countries of the region share a common legal heritage. At present, the degree of formal harmonisation between Latin American private laws remains low.

However, some academic initiatives have been launched over the past decade. The most recent is a project concerned with drafting ‘Latin American Principles of Contract Law’ (Principios Latinoamericanos de Derecho de los Contratos - PLDC). The PLDC cover the most important questions of general contract law (formation, content, remedies, etc). Their main purpose is to provide a source of inspiration for the reform and modernization of contract law throughout Latin America.

This project is co-ordinated by the Chilean Fundación Fernando Fueyo with the support of the French Fondation pour le Droit Continental. It involves scholars from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela. As a preliminary result, national reports based on a questionnaire were published in 2012 (El derecho de los contratos en Latinoamérica, Ediciones Fundación Fernando Fueyo Laneri, Santiago).

The most recent draft of the PLDC was published in (2014) 47 Anuario de Derecho Civil 241-53, and the final text of the black letter rules is expected to be released in 2015. Like similar transnational model codes – eg, the Principles of European Contract Law (PECL), the Draft Common Frame of Reference (DCFR) or the Principles of International Commercial Contracts (PICC) – the black letter rules of the PLDC will be complemented with comparative notes and comments.


Objectives of the conference and outline:

The conference will bring together experts from the UK, Europe and Latin America to examine and evaluate the PLDC from a historical and comparative perspective. These distinguished comparative lawyers will include some who participated in the drafting of the PLDC and other transnational model codes. They will be invited to critically analyse the desirability and the feasibility of a Latin American model code on general contract law.

In the morning, the PLDC will be contextualized by tracing the historical development of private law in Latin America since the national codifications of the 19th century. The instrument will then be assessed in the light of comparable transnational model codes. The afternoon will be devoted to detailed analysis of the main subjects covered by the PLDC, e.g. the notion of ‘contract’, the general principles of sanctity of contract and good faith, pre-contractual liability, formation, defects of consent, performance, non-performance and remedies.


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