By bringing together senior European officials from across different institutions with young labour law scholars selected from the 28 Member States, the Shaping Future Directions in EU Labour Law project hopes to provide a new impetus for early career scholars’ work in this field.

At this 1-day workshop each scholar will collaborate with a senior mentor, in discussion with whom a particular policy proposal or paper can be developed – thus providing early career academics with in-depth insights into the realities of policy making, and making their latest research accessible to senior policy makers. Ongoing work will be published in an online blog, and culminate in presentations to senior academics and social partner representatives at an INLACRIS conference in Cagliari on 17-18 December 2015. It is hoped that the final papers will be published as an edited volume in the Studies of the Oxford Institute of European and Comparative Law series (Hart|Bloomsbury Publishing).

The project is organised by Jeremias Prassl, Associate Professor in Law and Fellow of Magdalen College, and funded through a British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award.