James Philpott read History at Christ Church between 1990 and 1993 and returned to read for an MBA ten years later. He knew next to nothing about the law before he started working in the sector and the same is probably true now—12 years later. He spent 8 years with Allen & Overy, latterly as the Global Head of Business Development for the Banking practice, before joining Bird & Bird as the General Manager in the Corporate Development Department where he works on developing and executing the firm’s strategy. He believes that the current era in the legal industry is going to bring changes for law firms that are equivalent to The Big Bang in financial services in the 1980s. In 20 years’ time he expects the industry to have been turned upside down. He aims to explain why, how, and what the opportunities will be for the current crop of students—whether lawyers or non-lawyers.


If you wish to attend, please e-mail sebastien.fivaz@chch.ox.ac.uk, stating whether you wish to attend Formal with James Philpott at Christ Church after the talk.