On 1 December 2015 (8th week), we will be joined by Justice Peter Garling of the Supreme Court of New South Wales who will be discussing the topical issue of concurrent expert evidence (sometimes called "hot-tubbing") which is increasingly used around the world to assist judges to better understand complex technical expert evidence and to, more generally, militate against the worst effects of partisan use of expert evidence in proceedings.  There will be time for discussion after Justice Garling’s presentation.  Refreshments will be provided.

Justice Garling was appointed to the Supreme Court of New South Wales in June 2010.  He sits in the Common Law Division. 

Prior to his appointment, he practised as a barrister and then a senior counsel, for over thirty years. His appearances spanned a wide range of civil, commercial and criminal matters throughout all of the states of Australia and also Norfolk Island.

He also appeared in a large number of commissions of inquiry, including those involving natural disasters, railway accidents, the failure of a major insurance company and a road collapse in an alpine region. In 2008, he conducted, as the Commissioner, the Special Commission of Inquiry into Acute Services in the NSW Public Hospital System.

Justice Garling has spent a number of years as the List Judge of the Common Law Division which involves the regular case management of common law cases.  Presently, His Honour is one of the two judges responsible for the management of representative actions in the Common Law Division.