Michael Kirby, Australia’s most famous judge, retired in 2009. He was, and remains, one of the world's great archetypes of what it could or should mean to be a 'human rights judge'.  In 1988, he was one of five world cultural leaders who helped inaugurate World AIDS Day.  In 1991, he became executive chairman and later president of the International Commission of Jurists.  In 1993, he was appointed Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Human Rights in Cambodia. In 1998, on the 50th anniversary of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, he was awarded the UNESCO Prize for Human Rights Education.  In 2010, he was awarded the US Gruber Prize for Justice. Join Professor AJ Brown, author of the new biography Michael Kirby: Paradoxes & Principles,and a panel of former clerks to Michael Kirby to discuss the Kirby’s legacy for 'human rights judging' in the common law world. Former clerks to Michael Kirby who will constitute the panel will include Mr James Chegwidden (Barrister at Tooks Chabmers), Ms Jennifer Robinson (Solicitor at Finers Stephens Innocent (and well known for representing Mr Julian Assange)), Mr Travers McLeod (Lecturer, Merton College, Oxford) and James Goudkamp (JRF, Jesus College, Oxford).

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