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Judge Tarfusser is President of the Pre-Trial Division of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and Former Vice-President of the ICC. He has served the Public Prosecution Office of the Bolzano District Court, Italy, as Deputy Public Prosecutor for a period of sixteen years and then as Chief Public Prosecutor for a further eight years. Under his guidance the working practices of the Office were radically restructured, the organisational model of which is now considered as the standard for the entire justice administration system throughout Italy. Furthermore, Judge Tarfusser’s involvement as Public Prosecutor includes a number of investigations and trials encompassing crimes against individuals; crimes against the state, including terrorism; crimes against public administration such as extortion and corruption; trafficking; smuggling and European Union fraud; and organised crime such as money laundering. During his career he has lectured at a number of law faculties within Italy and has been appointed to a number of rogatory commissions in Europe, Belarus and the Dominican Republic.


From an institutional point of view the ICC is a very young institution, an institution in its teens but nevertheless old enough to have a look back on its growth, a look on where it stands today and how it has developed since, but also to try to have a look into the future on how the ICC must further develop in order to reach the necessary authority and credibility within the International Community.