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Lord Leonard Hoffmann remains one of the most important and influential English jurists. He was both a student and Fellow in law at the University of Oxford, and later went on to spend 14 years as a judge in the House of Lords (from 1995 to 2009). In 2009 he returned to the Oxford Law Faculty as a Visiting Professor, where he currently teaches its undergraduate (FHS) patent law course. In this conference, open to the public and scheduled to coincide with his 80th birthday, current and past colleagues of Lord Hoffmann will come together to discuss his jurisprudence in diverse areas of private and public law and its impact in England and abroad.

Speakers: Professor Alan Bogg, Dr Alison Young, Professor Andrew Burrows, Professor Ben McFarlane, Professor Colin Tapper, Professor Francis Reynolds, Frederick Wilmot-Smith, Professor Hugh Collins, Jacob Rowbottom, Dr James Goudkamp, Professor Jennifer Payne, Professor Judith Freedman, Dr Justine Pila, Professor Paul Davies, Paul S Davies, Professor Robert Stevens, Roderick Bagshaw, Roger Smith, Professor Sandra Fredman, Sarah Green, Professor Tony Honoré


The first day of this conference will be followed by a drinks reception and dinner. All are welcome.


For more information please contact Paul S. Davies or Dr Justine Pila