Presentations from research students doing the Course in Legal Research Methodology course, and the following sessions might be of particular interest:

Keynote Lecture  by Professor Jeremy Waldron on Monday 28th April at 5.30pm, speaking to title: "The Concept, the Rule and the Essence of Law".  Professor Waldron is Chichele Professor of Social and Political Theory, All Souls, Oxford and University Professor of Law, NYU.  All welcome.

Publishing in Academic Journals: 12pm Monday April 28th

Peter Mirfield, Aileen Kavanagh, Eirik Bjorge

Academic Careers: 4.10pm Monday April 28th

Professor Carol Sanger ( Columbia Law School); Professor Hugh Collins (All Souls, Oxford); Donal Nolan (Worcester College, Oxford)

The Thesis-to-Book Conversion: Publisher and Author Perspectives: Tuesday 29th April

Merel Alstein, Publishing Editor, OUP and Dr Greg Messenger (JRF, Queens College, Oxford).