DNA evidence contains multiple information types, for example a numeric component in the random match probability and contextual information implicit within the cell type the profile was obtained from. Lay jurors, often without any relevant expertise, are asked to evaluate this evidence. The workshop will focus on how jurors reason about DNA evidence, and what can be done to facilitate their comprehension and decision making. A multi-disciplinary approach will be taken, with contributors from socio-legal studies, psychology and philosophy backgrounds. The intention is to facilitate informed discussion on how DNA evidence is presented in Court and how to improve juror’s understanding of DNA evidence. 


This workshop is free of charge and open to both academics and all professionals with an interest in DNA evidence, reasoning about probabilities and jury trials. CPD accreditation for the workshop has been obtained for solicitors and our application for CPD accreditation for barristers is being processed. 


Registration is essential, as places are limited. To register, please email admin@csls.ox.ac.uk with answers to the following questions:

- What is your title and affiliation? (e.g. Research Fellow, University of Oxford)

- Are you attending this conference for CPD purposes? If so, please specify if you are a barrister or a solicitor.


For more information please contact the workshop organiser, Dr. Sonia Macleod : sonia.macleod@csls.ox.ac.uk.