Abstract: Gavin Millar will examine some of the legal and constitutional issues underlying the Guardian’s coverage of Edward Snowden’s disclosures. In particular:

 -        How are the NSA and GCHQ empowered to engage in their data gathering operations?

 -        Has there been sufficient oversight of these processes by elected representatives?

 -        Did the Guardian have a right to publish information disclosed by Snowden?

 -        How might the government have prevented some of the Guardian’s coverage if it had applied for an interim injunction in June?

 -        How can the Guardian be accused of breaching the Official Secrets Act?

Gavin Millar QC (St Peter's 1977) advises and represents the media in wide range of cases involving freedom of speech rights. He has been advising the Guardian since Edward Snowden became their source for a series of articles about GCHQ and the NSA in June. Gavin is a co-author of Media Law and Human Rights (OUP, 2009); a founder member of the leading human rights set, Doughty Street Chambers; a Council of Europe expert; and the Chair of the Centre for Investigative Journalism in London.

For directions to the Dorfman Centre report to the St Peter's College Porter’s Lodge. Refreshments provided. All are welcome but please RSVP for this seminar by emailing jennifer.hassan@law.ox.ac.uk by 19 November 2013.