Tullio Scovazzi is a professor of International Law at the University of Milano-Bicocca, Milan and is responsible for several research projects relating to the International Law of the Sea, the Environmental Law and the Regime of Antartctica. His previously held positions include: Professor of Public International Law, Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Genoa (1991-1994); Professor of International Law, Faculty of Law, University of Parma (1980-1991); Charged with the course of International Economic Law, Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Turin (1978-1980). He has also been a visiting professor at the Universities of Brest (1987), Paris II (1993), Paris I (1995), Nantes (1999), Limoges (2000).

He represented the Government of Italy in a number of international negotiations, including negotiations conducted within the framework of the Mediterranean Action Plan, the Commission "Ramoge," the International Seabed Authority, the International Whaling Commission, the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, the Draft Convention on the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage (1998-2000), and the United Nations Open-ended Informal Consultative Process on Oceans and the Law of the Sea, (2000). He has consulted for FAO and UNEP as well as for some Non-Governmental Organizations such as the CEDE (Conseil Européen du Droit de l'Environnement).

He is a member of many scientific societies both in Europe and in the USA, such as the American Society of International Law, the "Société Française de Droit International", L' Academia Internacional de Derecho Pesquero, the "Academia Paulista de Direito", and the "Asociación Argentina de Derecho Internacional". He is also member of the editorial boards of legal journals, such as the "European Environmental Law Review", the "International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law", the "Rivista Giuridica dell'Ambiente", the "Rivista di Diritto Internazionale Privato e Processuale", and the "Anuario de Derecho Internacional." He is the author of several books and articles on various topics, mostly in the fields of International Law of the Sea, International Environmental Law and cultural law.