The One Belt One Route (OBOR) – the New Silk Road -  opens the way to a long-term programme of widespread international coordination and cooperation. With many nations already taking part, the opportunities, the outcomes, and the risks are many and varied. OBOR embraces two distinct areas of importance, one involving trade, business, and finance, the other the cultural heritage of the nations along the new Silk Road. The need for a legal, regulatory, and adjudicative framework for the many subjects covered is apparent, especially considering their inherently cross-border character and the potential of e-commerce.

Against that legal framework, the aim of this summit is to provide a forum for the examination of the range of subjects arising within or related to the development of the OBOR initiative.

The conference website will be launched in 2018, please watch this space for updates.

You can find details of our inaugural OBOR Summit 2017 here (event publications and podcast coming soon).

For all enquiries, please contact Dr Alex Chung (, Coordinator of the Second Annual OBOR Summit.