Event date(s) *
  • PLEASE INCLUDE AN END TIME. Currently the default end time is one hour after the start time.
    This is important to avoid clashing events, and helps with planning room bookings.

Empty 'End date' values will use the 'Start date' values.
E.g., 27/01/2022
E.g., 08:45
E.g., 27/01/2022
E.g., 08:45
In case you cannot find the venue, please add it to the "Additional information" field below. You can specify the name, address and URL.
This is not a substitute for, or duplicate of, the 'Organised by' or 'Microsite' fields below.
e.g. the Aviation Law Lunchtime Research Seminar Series would be Organised by the Aviation Law Discussion Group
To link an event to (a) microsite(s) you must use the Microsite field below.
In case you cannot find the organiser, please add it to the "Additional information" field below.
Speaker and contacts
Use this field to reference Faculty people. If the event has a Faculty 'academic lead' and a different administrator/organizer, put the lead here, and the other contact in the next field.
Additional or External Contact
If the contact is outside the Faculty, you must use this field, but you can also use it for an additional internal contact. It is free-text field, so can be used to offer some extra details, e.g. 'Ann Other (conference administration)'.
Other details

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