John      Lyon      has      been      Parliamentary
Commissioner  for  Standards  since  2008.  He  is
responsible for applying the Code of Conduct for
Members     of     Parliament.     This     includes
overseeing  the  Register  of  Members’  Financial
The  Commissioner  is  required  to  investigate
complaints    against    MPs    alleged    to    have
breached  the  Code  of  Conduct.  John  Lyon  has
conducted  a  range  of  high  profile  investigations
in  recent  years,  including  into  alleged  improper
conduct   by   Liam   Fox,   David   Laws,   Denis
McShane, Sadiq Khan, George Osborne, Jacqui
Smith,  and  Geoff  Hoon,  among  others.  He  had
to deal with the parliamentary expenses scandal
shortly after taking office.

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