The Human Rights for Future Generations Programme is hosting a 'Transatlantic Workshop on International Law and Armed Conflict' which is co-sponsored by the International Committee of the Red Cross, Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict, the Robert S. Strauss Center for International Security & Law at the University of Texas and South Texas College of Law, Houston.

The The Transatlantic Workshop on International Law and Armed Conflict is entering its third year, having begun in the summer of 2013 with a conference that assembled a broad mix of military, and governmental experts from both North America and the United Kingdom, for a roundtable workshop examining fundamental questions of international law relating to military operations. The event placed a particular emphasis on the potential for clashes—and for reconciliation—in circumstances seemingly implicating both International Humanitarian Law (a.k.a., the Law of Armed Conflict) and International Human Rights Law. In 2014, the program expanded to include Continental participants and directed its focus on a set of emerging issues that arise in contexts of low-intensity conflict, special operations, and covert action. 

The first day will focus on a number of different topics in the law of armed conflict. Discussion will centre on issues that have arisen in practice in a number of recent conflicts, as well an examination of the position taken by states involved in those conflicts. The second day will concentrate on the judicial application of international humanitarian law. Participants will examine how IHL is applied by international tribunals charged principally with the application of other bodies of law, namely human rights law and international criminal law. There will also be discussion about how issues of IHL arise before national courts and the extent to which national courts have developed that body of law.

This is not a public event and attendance is by invitation only.