Read the report by ECD Architects, written for Westminster Council in May 2010, Energy Efficiency in Private Sector Flatted Buildings.

The project team produced a briefing note for an all party roundtable meeting on leasehold issues in November 2015.

This paper on leasehold and the domestic sector minimum energy efficiency standards was produced by Sue Bright: 

Sue Bright and David Weatherall contributed to a  draft parliamentary bill for leasehold reform for energy efficiency, promoted by the Association of Conservation of Energy and other.

April 2016 Policy Briefing: unlocking investment in energy efficient flats, by Sue Bright, Mark Routley, Irene Fernow and David Weatherall.

An article on property law as a barrier to energy upgrades in multi-owned properties, published in Energy Efficiency and written by Sue with Frankie McCarthy and David Weatherall, is available on line at