The Public Funding of ‘Security’ Projects in England and Wales, France, and Italy: How Much? Where? For Whose Benefit?

Paper presented at the 2016 World Congress of the International Political Science Association (IPSA), in Poznan in July 2016.

Session RC05.05 - Central and local governments' relations: territorial differentiation and policy sectors

In the first few months of the project I collected data on the financial provisions made available by national authorities in England and Wales, and Italy for crime prevention activities at the local level. This paper offers some very provisional results stemming from this work. As clear from the title, the research was originally intended to be a comparison between three countries, with the additional inclusion of France, but due to difficulties with access the research I eventually dropped this third country.

Abstract IPSA - the funding of security projects

Presentation IPSA - crime prevention funding


Who gets to decide what? The field of community safety in England and Wales, France, and Italy.

Paper presented at the 2016 Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology, in Munster in September 2016.

When I submitted the abstract for this conference, the design of the research still included France. By the time of the conference, I had decided not to include the country in the project, so I used the meeting as an opportunity to present the rationale for this modified version of the project and to test the solidity of the case for comparing Italy with England and Wales.

Abstract Eurocrim - who gets to decide what?

Presentation Eurocrim - upwards, downwards or sideways?