Subject searching for articles: using the online journal indexes

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Journals and journal indexes in print (to late 1990s)

Legal journal indexes have not been produced in print since the late 1990s. They are among the first legal resources to be only available electronically. See Unit 1.

For indexes in print:

Legal journals in the Bodleian Law Library are generally found in the 300s of the relevant jurisdiction. Many journals have annual author and subject indexes, and tables of cases and legislation. Some journals are indexed over longer periods - for example, the Law Quarterly Review has an index for volumes 1-111.

Browsing the indexes, tables of cases and legislation and even contents pages of legal journals can be an effective way to find useful articles in a subject area.

There are two main journal indexes for UK law in the Bodleian Law Library, the Legal Journals Index and the Index to Legal Periodicals. They are shelved in the Ref Bibl Cw section on the south wall of the main reading room, near the old catalogue.

The legal journal indexes have not been printed since 1999. They are now only available online. For more information about the online journal indexes, go to Unit 1.

Legal Journals Index - Ref Bibl Cw UK L496

The print version of the Legal Journals Index (LJI) covers the period from 1986 to 1999. It indexes all legal journals published in the UK and about UK and EU law. The LJI is organised in bound volumes indexing the journals for each year. The has subject, case, legislation and book review indexes. Each entry has a subject heading and subheadings, article title, a very brief description of the article, a note of the relevant case or legislation, the author and the journal citation.

From 2000 onwards, the LJI is only available electronically, in both Westlaw and Current Legal Information.

Index to Legal Periodicals - Ref Bibl General I36

The Index to Legal Periodicals (ILP), which became the Index to Legal Periodicals and Books, exists in print form from 1908 to 1996. There is a continuous run from 1926 to 1996 in the Bodleian Law Library. The ILP indexes books and periodicals that are about Anglo-American law. The more recent volumes have a single index that includes both authors and subjects.

The ILP is available electronically on OxLIP+.