Research Handbook on EU Labour Law, edited by Alan Bogg, Cathryn Costello and A.C.L. Davies.

Globalisation of the economy and increased integration in Europe has led to a stronger focus on EU labour, employment and equality law. The Research Handbook on EU Labour Law draws together contributions from leading academics in this field at an important historic moment in its development. As well as assessing the ‘state of the art’, they identify key research questions for the future.

Split into four distinct parts, this Research Handbook provides a comprehensive examination of the major topics in EU labour, employment and equality law. Part One addresses cross-cutting themes, such as the relationship between EU law and national law, the role of human rights in EU labour law and the impact of austerity measures. The subsequent parts offer in-depth treatments of specific topics: Part Two focuses on various issues in individual and collective labour law at EU level, including working time and job security; Part Three provides an analysis of collective labour law, including its implications for trade unions and industrial democracy; and Part Four explores the EU’s interventions in equality law, considering its impact across a range of different protected characteristics. 

Contemporary and far-reaching, the Research Handbook on EU Labour Law will prove to be an unrivalled reference work for academics and scholars seeking further understanding of EU labour, employment and equality law as well as further direction for ongoing research. Practitioners and policy-makers will also find it useful as a source of policy evaluation and theoretical perspectives.

Contributors include: D. Ashiagbor, N. Bamforth, C. Barnard, A. Bogg, N. Busby, C. Costello, N. Countouris, A.C.L. Davies,  R. Dukes, P. Eeckhout, S. Fredman, M. Freedland, A. Koukiadaki, A. Lawson, V. Mantouvalou, W. Njoya, C. O’Cinneide, J. Prassl, I. Solanke, K. Strauss, P. Syrpis, L. Vickers, L. Waddington.

This Research Handbook brings together the expertise of an impressive array of scholars. Not only does the volume offer coverage of a broad range of key issues in contemporary European labour law, but fresh ideas and original insights. This book provides essential and exciting reading in a dynamic field of enquiry and debate. 

– Tonia Novitz, University of Bristol, UK

The Research Handbook on EU Labour Law is published Edward Elgar Publishing and available to buy at