Contributory Negligence in the Twenty-First Century by James Goudkamp and Donal Nolan

'Contributory Negligence in the Twenty-First Century' by James Goudkamp and Donal Nolan has been published by Oxford University Press. It is the first wide-ranging empirical study of how the contributory negligence doctrine is applied by the courts both at first instance and on appeal.

Contributory Negligence in 21st Century book cover
Despite the centrality of the contributory negligence doctrine in practice, almost nothing is known about how it functions in reality. The authors, seeking to fill this deficit in understanding, have undertaken a wideranging empirical study of how the doctrine is handled by the courts. They report their methodology and findings in this volume, framing their discussion within the law of contributory negligence.  The study is based on 572 first instance decisions on contributory negligence from across the United Kingdom decided between 2000 and 2016, and 129 appellate decisions handed down in the same period.  The analysis considers the operation of the contributory negligence doctrine at first instance and on appeal, and in a range of contextual settings, including road accidents, accidents at work, and professional negligence claims.

The authors also consider how the study can be used to inform future developments in this area of law. Substantial appendices set out the key data on which the book is based, enabling academics to utilize the dataset in their own research and allowing practitioners to compare their cases easily with previously decided claims.

This book is intended as a companion to James and Donal's previous book 'Contributory Negligence - Principles and Practice' which was published in 2018 by OUP.