Registration now open for 2022 Summer Programme in Law

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After a successful launch last year the Faculty of Law is once again running its Summer Programme this July. The two week online programme is designed to give people around the world a chance to develop their knowledge of law, and to engage with the research and teaching for which Oxford is famous.

Lady Justice
‘The Oxford Introduction to Law: Thinking Deeply about Law’ summer programme is a specialist course designed to engage participants with key aspects of law, its context, and its place in the UK. It is unique in its combination of lectures, seminars and tutorials on subjects such as Jurisprudence, Human Rights, and Law and Technology.

Participants will be taught by an incredible team of internationally-recognised legal experts, and gain a taste of the Oxford experience discovering what it might be like to study at an English university and practice law in the UK. They will have the opportunity to engage with exciting concepts and practical problems, delve into the complexities of legal reasoning, and gain an understanding of how the UK legal system works by looking at the traditional bedrock of the law as well as some emerging areas and specialist topics. Students will also be able to learn in Oxford-style tutorials with world-leading experts and have their work assessed.

In addition to outstanding core teaching, there will be a series of enrichment activities, ranging from understanding the law in context, through to cutting-edge sessions on the research happening at the University of Oxford now.

The Oxford Introduction to Law in the UK programme is open anyone who is currently at university; has graduated from university; has an offer to study at university; or is at least 19 years old by 18 July 2022. This programme is not relevant to those applying to study law at undergraduate level.  Fees are £2,500 with an early-bird rate of £2,000 if you apply before 1 May 2022.

Find out more about the Summer Programme and apply online.