The Bonavero Institute of Human Rights is a research institute in the Faculty of Law, University of Oxford.  The Institute is housed at Mansfield College in a new building, designed to be the home of the Institute.

The purposes of the Institute are to foster excellent research and scholarship in human rights law and to improve the understanding of human rights law beyond the academy. As part of its mission, the Institute seeks to integrate existing human rights research and practice within the Law Faculty and the University more broadly. The Institute also intends to host outstanding scholars and practitioners as research visitors, and to collaborate with human rights scholars in other disciplines and with practitioners engaged in human rights work across the world on the most pressing contemporary human rights issues.  

To view the Institute's Strategic Plan, please click here.

A live video feed of the Institute build can be viewed here (for best view, set to 'live loop, speed: fastest' in the drop down bar to the right of the video window).