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Meet our Resident Students

The Bonavero Institute of Human Rights encorages Oxford graduate students working in human rights law, public law, public international law, the rule of law and/or related fields to work at the Institute for up to one year. The current sheme runs from 21 January through to the end of 2019. Though the current call for applications  has now closed, the next call will be published at the beginning of Hilary Term 2020.

Overview & Purpose of the Scheme

The Bonavero Institute of Human Rights is a dedicated Institute for the study of human rights law. It seeks to host a cohort of outstanding researchers, to collaborate with human rights scholars in law and other disciplines both within Oxford and beyond, and to work with legal practitioners engaged in human rights across the globe.

The Helena Kennedy Reading Room in is an open-plan working space, where the Bonavero Institute’s Research Visitors, affiliated post-doctoral research fellows and graduate students work. The Bonavero Institute wants to ensure that graduate students enrolled in a research degree at the University of Oxford working in the broad fields of human rights, public law, public international law and the rule of law have an opportunity during their studies to be part of this professional community to foster opportunities for inter-generational exchange.

Benefits of the Scheme

  • Have a dedicated space within the Helena Kennedy Reading Room at the Bonavero Institute for up to 1 year with access to printing facilities and the tea kitchen and including a personal locker;
  • Become part of a growing international community of human rights researchers at the Bonavero Institute;
  • The opportunity to discuss relevant and emerging themes with those organising human rights seminars and discussion groups at the Bonavero Institute, and to generate ideas for events and programmes;
  • Share experiences and add value to both your study and research skills through collaboration and discussion with other visiting colleagues.

Expectations of the Scheme

  • That you use the allocated desk on a regular basis;
  • That you bring your own devices to be used over WiFi (OWL or EduRoam). All laptops must have suitable and up-to-date anti-virus software. We may ask to check this on arrival.
  • That you become actively involved with events and discussions that take place at the Bonavero Institute;
  • That on occasion you help support a concrete event or conference;
  • That you, along with staff and existing visitors, take personal responsibility for looking after the facilities afforded to us and to keep it a pleasant, inclusive, well presented and exciting place to work;
  • That as a Bonavero Graduate Research Resident, you uphold a professional ethic in line with the founding principles and vision of the Institute.

Selection Criteria

  • This scheme is open for graduate students enrolled in a research degree at the University of Oxford working in the broad fields of human rights, public law, public international law and the rule of law.
  • Priority will be given to those students who currently have no institutional space for conducting their research work. Where you already have an allocated desk/working space at another Centre or Department, a space at the Bonavero Institute might be offered if a strong case can be made for sitting at the Institute and where you have gained advance agreement from your Centre Administrator. These applications will be considered on a case by case basis.

The Bonavero Institute reserves the right to withdraw a Research Residency, after notice to the Research Resident, in cases where the Graduate Research Resident has failed in a material manner to meet the expectations outlined above.