The Faculty of Law will be holding a special faculty-wide webinar on Friday 5 June 2020 on COVID-19 and the law. This event is open to all Faculty members and students, alumni and friends.

Legal scholars will explore the role and challenges for law as part of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences. Law and legal processes will be examined in many different areas of law and through a range of different viewpoints. 


Registration will finish at close of business of Wednesday 3 June. Webinar access details will then follow to all those that have registered and been verified. This page is being updated on a regular basis, so please check back for further details throughout the week. 

The Programme


Besides the webinar sessions, there is also a special recorded conversation between Professor Leslie Green and Nicos Stavropoulos discussing ‘Your Freedom—and Theirs’. (See also Leslie's blog post on the subject, and Nicos'.)



08:45 – 9:00 

Welcome Address

Professor Anne Davies, Dean of the Law Faculty, University of Oxford

Professor Luca Enriques 

09:00 – 9:45 

Property Law Dimensions

Chair: Judge Elizabeth Cooke, Visiting Professor



Johannes Ungerer: ‘Coronavirus Moratoria in Private Law: Comparing the Position of Tenants in the UK and Germany’

Professor Susan Bright: ‘Fire Safety: Staying at Home and Staying Alert’

Professor Ben McFarlane: ‘Can Data be Held on Trust?’

09:50 – 11:20 

Human Rights and Equality

Chair: Professor Sandra Fredman



Professor Sandy Fredman, Dr Meghan Campbell, and Dr Aaron Reeves: ‘Palliation or Protection: How Should the Equality Act Inform the Government’s Response to Covid-19?’

Professor Kate O’Regan: ‘A Novel Accountability Mechanism in the Covid-19 Crisis: the South African Covid-19 Designated Judge’

Dr Marie Tidball: ‘Too Often Forgotten: How do we Create a Country that Values Disabled People and Closes the Inequality Gap we Face?’

11:25 – 12.55

Business Law

Chair: Professor Horst Eidenmüller



Dr John Vella: ‘Covid-19 and Tax Policy’

Professor Ariel Ezrachi: ‘Contemplating Covid-19 and Competition—Returning to the Rat Race or Aspiring for Something Nobler?                          

Thom Wetzer: ‘Procyclical Bank Governance’

Dr Kristin van Zwieten: ‘Directors’ Duties Revisited’

Professor Jennifer Payne: ‘Covid-19 and Debt Restructuring’

Professor Horst Eidenmüller: ‘Creditor Cooperation Duties’

Dr Mimi Zou: ‘The Future is Here? Online ADR in the time of Covid-19’

13.30 – 14.00 

The Bonavero Institute of Human Rights: Human Rights Implications of Covid-19: A Comparative Perspective

Chair: Professor Liora Lazarus



Dr Elizabeth Stubbins Bates

Sanya Samtani

Dr Nick Friedman

Dr Christos Kypraios

Dr Shreya Atrey

Dr Stefan Theil

14:05 – 14:45

Regulatory Strategies and Conceptions of Health

Chair: Professor Jane Kaye



Dr Bettina Lange: ‘Regulatory “Strategy” for Covid-19?’

Professor Jonathan Herring: ‘Conceptions of Health in a Time of Covid’

[abstracts for this session]



Marthe Goudsmit

Toel Koyithara

Charlotte Kelly

14.45 – 15.30 

Expertise, Control and Technologies

Chair: Dr Bettina Lange



Dr Justine Pila: ‘Covid-19: A Case study in Regulation by Technology’

Dr Charlotte Elves: ‘Coronavirus Act 2020: Understanding Expertise’

Miranda Mourby: ‘Automating the Covid-19 Response’

[abstracts for this session]



Stergios Aidinlis

15:35 – 16:20

Rapid Innovation and Health in the Time of Covid-19

Chair: Nisha Shah



Dr Harriet Teare: ‘Digital health in the age of Covid-19’

Professor Jane Kaye: ‘Tracking and Tracing Covid-19’

Dr Michael Morrison: ‘Regulatory Pathways and Considerations for Accelerated Innovation’

[abstracts for this session]



Arianna Schuler-Scott

Hannah Smith

16:25 – 17:10

Intellectual Property

Chair: Professor Robert Burrell



Professor Dev Gangjee: ‘Claims over Scientific Data’

Rahul Bajaj and Katarina Foss-Solbrekk:  ‘Compulsory Licensing/TRIPS/ Global IP Pool’

Professor Robert Burrell: ‘Covid-19 and the Challenge for Innovation Policy’

17:15 – 17:45 

Workplace Health and Safety and Labour Market Regulation


Professor Anne Davies: ‘Workplace Health and Safety During the Coronavirus Outbreak’ 

Professors Abi Adams-Prassl & Jeremias Adams-Prassl: ‘Covid-19: Three Challenges for Labour Market Regulation’

17:45– 18:00  

Closing Account

Professor Liz Fisher and Professor Anne Davies