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Law and Computer Science is ​a unique and groundbreaking course, offered as an option in postgraduate master's degrees in both the Law Faculty and the Department of Computer Science at Oxford. It is also available as a fourth-year option in all three Oxford undergraduate courses in Computer Science.

This truly multi-disciplinary course stems from world-leading research into the use of AI in the provision of legal services and the mindset, skills and knowledge gaps between lawyers and computer scientists. It allows students from both disciplines to come together and gain a unique perspective on their own specialist areas ​as well as learning to communicate and collaborate effectively to respond to the challenges and opportunities of digital tech.

Students are supported in their ​highly innovative practical work by a group of industry mentors and sponsors, who bring a strong commercial focus as well as sharing invaluable practical insights, data, and technical tools.

The course was founded and is convened by Professor Rebecca Williams, Faculty of Law, and Professor Tom Melham, Department of Computer Science, and was developed and designed together with Dr Václav Janeček, previously a Research and Course Development Fellow in Law and Technology in Oxford, now a lecturer at the University of Bristol Law School.