Overlap between Covid Vaccine NFCS

This diagram demonstrates that there are a number of jurisdictions which are covered by more than one no-fault compensation scheme for Covid vaccine injuries. 

The largest group is those nations covered by both AVAT and COVAX. Of the 36 members of the AVAT NFCS 28 are also covered by COVAX. None of the AVAT countries are covered by a national NFCS scheme or by the UNICEF NFCS.

The majority of the countries in the UNICEF NFCS also belong to another NFCS. Of the 19 UNICEF countries 12 are also covered by the COVAX NFCS, two are covered by UNICEF and a national NFCS, and three are triple covered by UNICEF, a national scheme and COVAX.  

The AVAT and UNICEF schemes. They focus on different geographical areas, as can be seen on these maps