Research Aims Covid Vaccine NFCS


This project consists of three phases each lasting one year.

  • Phase 1 mapped the global COVID Vaccine NFCS landscape.
  • Phase 2 will gather and compare the key metrics from COVID vaccine NFCS.
  • Phase 3 will consist of targeted research to investigate the impact that NFCS have.  

We are grateful to the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations, IFPMA, for funding this research. 

Advisory Board

We are very fortunate that project is overseen by an excellent Advisory Board. We are grateful to the members of the Advisory Board for giving us their input and sharing their expertise with us. The Minutes of the June 2023 Advisory Board Meeting can be accessed here.


Phase 1 - Research Aims

Phase I (March 2022 to February 2023) of the  No-Fault Compensation (NFC) Project focused on mapping and categorising all known worldwide COVID No-Fault Compensation Schemes (NFCS). We have gathered information on the following criteria:

Framework Is the NFCS statutory or not?
Administration Who administers the NFCS? What type of organisation are they?
Funding Where does the funding for the NFCS come from
Vaccines covered Which vaccines are covered? What (if any) restrictions are there?
Eligibility  Who can make a claim? Which injuries are compensated? Are there temporal coincidence requirements between vaccination, injury, and the filing of a claim? What standard of proof is applied? Are there limitation periods? Are there minimum claim value requirements?
Injuries covered Which types of injury (e.g. death? Serious injury?) are covered ? Are temporary injuries covered?
Quantification of NFCS awards How are awards quantified? Is it individualised? Tariff Based? Are there limits on what can be awarded?
Litigation & Appeals What is the relationship between the NFCS and litigation? Is there a mechanism for appealing the NFCS decision? Is the appeal considered by the NFCS itself or by an external agency?
NFCS publications

Does the scheme publish information on claims numbers? Payment numbers? Payment values?


Phase 1 - Research Outputs 

Each scheme has a dedicated webpage containing all the scheme information. These pages can be accessed via the interactive map or the list of countries

We have created a series of downloadable PDF reports which contain all the information about NFCS in different regions and globally.