Obligations IX

17–20 July 2018, Melbourne Law School

Form and Substance in the Law of Obligations

The Ninth Biennial Conference on the Law of Obligations will be held at Melbourne Law School from 17–20 July 2018. The conference will be co-hosted by Melbourne Law School and the Faculty of Law at the University of Oxford, and will be co-convened by Professor Andrew Robertson (University of Melbourne) and Dr James Goudkamp (University of Oxford).

The biennial Obligations Conferences bring together scholars and practitioners from throughout the common law world to discuss current issues in contract law, the law of torts, equity, and unjust enrichment. In 2018, the Obligations Conference and the Public Law Conference will, for the first time, be held in the same location in consecutive weeks. The third biennial Public Law Conference will be held at Melbourne Law School from 11-13 July 2018.

Further details of Obligations IX will be made available over the coming month here.

More information about the Obligations Conference series may be found here.