The One Belt One Road Programme within the Faculty of Law was recently instituted as a centre for the study of the OBOR as it develops. It includes research, the provision of specialized training, the supervision of students, and the provision of advice. The primary focus of the programme is on the legal, regulatory, and judicial aspects of OBOR, the underlying notion being that the legal framework is essential to its success. Considering the cross-nation character of OBOR, the need for coordination and cooperation across borders can be achieved only by the development of a suitable legal framework.

In recognition of the importance of economics, political science, and sociology to the development and analysis of OBOR, the approach is multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary.

Among the subjects of interest are the following: trade and investment; maritime and logistics; digital economy and financial services; consumer protection; media and intellectual property; Science and Medical Science, and the environment. The better understanding of cultural heritage and its protection for the future constitutes another major theme in the OBOR scheme.

The OBOR Summit is the official launch of the programme and an early opportunity for those engaged in the field to come together to discuss common and pressing issues.  

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