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** NEW POLICY BRIEF BY DRS JANET HUI XUE, ALEX CHUNG, AND YING YU - published by the Foundation for Law, Justice and Society, 2018**

Legal and Regulatory Challenges of the Sharing Economy


** NEW BOOK BY DR JEROME LEPEINTRE & JUANJUAN SUN - published by Luxembourg Publication Office of the EU, 2018 **

Building Food Safety Governance in China - includes perspectives on bilateral cooperation between China and the EU and multilateral cooperation on food safety.

** 华杰鸿、孙娟娟新出版書籍 - 欧盟卢森堡出版办公室, 2018 **

建立中国治理体系治理体系 - 主題包括食品安全国际合作: 中国与欧盟的特殊关系.


Article by Dr Ying Yu and Professor Denis Galligan, October 2016

Due Process of Consumer Protection: A Study of the United Nations Guidelines on Consumer Protection 2015