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** NEW POLICY BRIEF BY DRS JANET HUI XUE, ALEX CHUNG, AND YING YU - published by the Foundation for Law, Justice and Society, 2018**

Legal and Regulatory Challenges of the Sharing Economy

A journal article on financial regulation and e-commerce by Dr Ying Yu and Dr Mingnan Shen, 2015

Consumer Protection as the 'Open Sesame' that Allows Alibaba to Crush the Forty Thieves (Gaining Market Power by Protecting Consumers: A Private Company Blows China's Banks Away)


Recent ‘model inversion’ attacks from the information security literature indicate that machine learning models might be personal data, as they might leak data used to train them. We analyse these attacks and discuss their legal implications.

We interviewed 27 public sector, machine learning practitioners about how they cope with challenges of fairness and accountability. Their problems are often different from those in FAT/ML research so far, including internal gaming, changing data distributions and inter-departmental communication, how to augment model outputs and how to transmit hard-won social practices.

We presented participants in the lab and online with adverse algorithmic decisions and different explanations of them. We found strongly dislike of case-based explanations where they were compared to a similar individual, even though these are arguably highly faithful to the way machine learning systems work.

I authored the case studies for the Royal Society and British Academy report which led to the UK Government’s new Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation. I also acted as drafting author on the main report.