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General Publications and Resources:

Professor Denis Galligan, Programme Director

Professor Denis J. Galligan's selected publications relevant to OBOR

Dr Ying Yu, Programme Deputy Director

Dr Ying Yu's selected publications relevant to OBOR


** NEW BOOK BY DR JEROME LEPEINTRE & JUANJUAN SUN - published by Luxembourg Publication Office of the EU, 2018 **

Building Food Safety Governance in China - includes perspectives on bilateral cooperation between China and the EU and multilateral cooperation on food safety.

** 华杰鸿、孙娟娟新出版書籍 -  欧盟卢森堡出版办公室, 2018 **

建立中国治理体系治理体系 - 主題包括 食品安全国际合作: 中国与欧盟的特殊关系


Article By Dr Ying Yu and Professor Denis Galligan, October 2016

Due Process of Consumer Protection: A Study of the United Nations Guidelines on Consumer Protection 2015


Events Publications and Resources:

The First One Belt One Road Summit 2017

Conference Programme and Speakers' Biographies


Day One Plenary Sessions: Podcast with Presentations

Session II: Selected Issues Arising from OBOR

Graham Mott (UNCTAD): OBOR with Global Trade

Troy Sternberg, Ariell Ahearn, & Fiona McConnell (Oxford University): Central Asian Characteristics on China’s New Silk Road: The Role of Landscape and the Politics of Infrastructure

Zhenqiu Gu (Xinhua News Agency): Communicating OBOR: the Role of News Media and Its Implications 

Donna Kurtz (Oxford University): Linked Heritage

Session III: Legal & Regulatory Issues Arising from OBOR

Denis Galligan (Oxford University): Legal Framework of OBOR 

Adrian Hughes (39 Essex Chamber): Dispute Resolution in Relation to OBOR 

Ying Yu (Oxford University): Cross-border Transactions and the Cyber-dimension

Session IV: World Responses to OBOR

Barry Hembling (Fladgate LLP): The UK Response to OBOR

David Vines (Oxford University): OBOR Economic Impact

Robin Simpson (Independent Policy Advisor): ​OBOR and Global Institutions


Day Two Specialised Sessions: Speakers and Presentations

Thierry Bourgoignie (Universite du Quebec): Trade Expansion, Open Borders and Consumer Protection

Lilian Edwards (University of Strathclyde) & Michael Veale (University College London): Slave to the Algorithm? Why a 'Right to Explanation' is Probably Not the Remedy You're Looking For

Pierre Horna (UNCTAD): The Role of Competition Law in E-commerce and Issues Related to Cross Border Cartels

Qunfang Jiang (Leiden University): Resolving Interational Tax Disputes in the Context of the OBOR Initiative

Rohan Kariyawasam (Anglia Ruskin University): Fair Use and Copyright Harmonisation in the Digital Domain: China Belt and Road Initiative (BRI/OBOR)

Lisa Lin (Royal Holloway, University of London): Television Collaborations between China and the UK: From Chinese New Year to Dancing on Ice

Qiong Lu (World Bank): 'One Belt One Road' - Opportunities & Challenges on Water in Asia

Claire Milne (London School of Economics): X2C Internet of Things - An International Challenge

Jufang Wang (Warwick University): Covering OBOR: The Need for a Constructive Mindset

Hao Wu (World Customs Organization): Principles for Transit in International Law

Lei Zhu (Wuhan university): The Latest Development on the Principle of Reciprocity in the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in China