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General Publications and Resources:

Professor Denis Galligan, Programme Director

Professor Denis J. Galligan's selected publications relevant to OBOR

Dr Ying Yu, Programme Deputy Director

Dr Ying Yu's selected publications relevant to OBOR

Article By Dr Ying Yu and Professor Denis Galligan, October 2016

Due Process of Consumer Protection: A Study of the United Nations Guidelines on Consumer Protection 2015


Events Publications and Resources:

The First One Belt One Road Summit 2017

Conference Programme and Speakers' Biographies


Day One Plenary Sessions: Podcast with Presentations

Session II: Selected Issues Arising from OBOR

Graham Mott (UNCTAD): OBOR with Global Trade

Troy Sternberg, Ariell Ahearn, & Fiona McConnell (Oxford University): Central Asian Characteristics on China’s New Silk Road: The Role of Landscape and the Politics of Infrastructure

Zhenqiu Gu (Xinhua News Agency): Communicating OBOR: the Role of News Media and Its Implications 

Donna Kurtz (Oxford University): Linked Heritage

Session III: Legal & Regulatory Issues Arising from OBOR

Denis Galligan (Oxford University): Legal Framework of OBOR 

Adrian Hughes (39 Essex Chamber): Dispute Resolution in Relation to OBOR 

Ying Yu (Oxford University): Cross-border Transactions and the Cyber-dimension

Session IV: World Responses to OBOR

Barry Hembling (Fladgate LLP): The UK Response to OBOR

David Vines (Oxford University): OBOR Economic Impact

Robin Simpson (Independent Policy Advisor): ​OBOR and Global Institutions


Day Two Specialised Sessions: Speakers and Presentations

Thierry Bourgoignie (Universite du Quebec): Trade Expansion, Open Borders and Consumer Protection

Lilian Edwards (University of Strathclyde) & Michael Veale (University College London): Slave to the Algorithm? Why a 'Right to Explanation' is Probably Not the Remedy You're Looking For

Pierre Horna (UNCTAD): The Role of Competition Law in E-commerce and Issues Related to Cross Border Cartels

Qunfang Jiang (Leiden University): Resolving Interational Tax Disputes in the Context of the OBOR Initiative

Rohan Kariyawasam (Anglia Ruskin University): Fair Use and Copyright Harmonisation in the Digital Domain: China Belt and Road Initiative (BRI/OBOR)

Lisa Lin (Royal Holloway, University of London): Television Collaborations between China and the UK: From Chinese New Year to Dancing on Ice

Qiong Lu (World Bank): 'One Belt One Road' - Opportunities & Challenges on Water in Asia

Claire Milne (London School of Economics): X2C Internet of Things - An International Challenge

Jufang Wang (Warwick University): Covering OBOR: The Need for a Constructive Mindset

Hao Wu (World Customs Organization): Principles for Transit in International Law

Lei Zhu (Wuhan university): The Latest Development on the Principle of Reciprocity in the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in China