It brings us great pleasure to introduce the 8th Edition of the Oxford University Undergraduate Law Journal (‘OUULJ’). This volume features a carefully selected range of articles dealing with complex and fascinating issues.

As the first student-run law journal in the United Kingdom, this volume continues our tradition of providing a platform for undergraduate students from Oxford and around the UK to further engage with the study of law. Indeed, in many ways, the OUULJ is a reminder of the depth and richness of the study of law, even at an undergraduate level. While the focus is on areas within the scope of the Oxford BA in Jurisprudence course, the depth of analysis by our contributors and the issues they explore illustrate that our subject goes far beyond neatly bound textbooks and classes.

Naturally, this was no easy task. The OUULJ would not be possible without the dedication and efforts of our Editors, Adrian Burbie and Niamh Kelly, and their team of Associate Editors. Recognition must also go to our contributors who have put in painstaking efforts into their work and chosen to place their faith in us. We would also like to give our thanks to the Law Faculty for their support.

8th Edition of the OUULJ (Full)

Foreword (Private Law)
Sandy Steel
Page 7 

Foreword (Private Law)
Laura Hoyano 
Page 9

Foreword (Public Law)
Paul Craig
Page 11

Introduction to the Edition
Kenneth Chong and Anna Yamaoka-Enkerlin
Page 14 

Page 17

Private Law Articles

Henderson and Illegality in Tort: A Needless Retreat into Opacity
Julia Brechtelsbauer 
Page 19

Actavis v Eli Lilly: Patent Medicine, Risk of Side Effects
Antonia Kendrick
Page 44

Of Unsound Mind: The Eternal Triangle of Negligence, Fault, and Mental Impairment​
Zach Pullar
Page 68

Is Time Up for Recovery of Time Value? 
Mehleen Rahman
Page 88

Public Law Articles

A Causal Model for the Extraterritorial Application of Human Rights Treaties
Abe Chauhan
Page 107

Human Rights, Deprivation of Liberty and the Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill 2018 
Oliver Pateman
Page 136

Recognising Human Irrationality: Consumer Behaviour and Assessing Commercial Strategies in Digital Markets under Art. 102 TFEU​
Tatiana Podstolna
Page 163