Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Oxford Introduction to Law in the UK

When does the Early-Bird rate end?
It ends on 1 May 2024 at 12:00 (noon) British Summer Time. 

When is the cut-off date for applications?

Places are allocated on a first come first served basis, so we advise applying early to maximise your chances.  The final deadline for applications is currently 7 July 2024. 

Can sixth form students apply to the course? 
The course is not suited for sixth form students. It is for those who are already at university (or have a place to study at one), people who have graduated from university, and people who are older than 19 years of age. 

I want to study Law as an undergraduate at Oxford University. Is this course for me?
No, this course is not designed for those wishing to study Law at Oxford as an undergraduate.  Please look at the Oxford Law Faculty's admissions pages.

Will I be expected to do any written work?
Yes, you will be expected to do written work which will be assessed by the course tutors giving you excellent feedback and enabling you to develop your skills.

How good does my English have to be?
You will need to be proficient in written and spoken English, preferably with a qualification in English language.

I want to become a lawyer in the UK. Will this programme help me?
The programme will give you insight into the English and Welsh legal system and develop the skills you need to work in the legal profession. However you will still  need to follow the standard route into UK legal practise.

Will I be able to take the programme if I'm in a different time zone?
Part of the afternoon will be recorded, to permit participants in timezones different to British Summer Time, to cover the material at a time more convenient to them.

How will you be able to cater for different levels of ability?
The seminar cohorts and tutorials will be grouped around similar levels of experience. There will be time for you to collaborate with your fellow participants.

How many people will be in a tutorial group?
There will not normally be more than 4 participants in each tutorial group, with 1 tutor (and 12 participants and 3 tutors in a seminar).

Will I receive any credits for doing this programme?
This programme is not registered for any continuous learning credits.

What is expected of me during the course?
Participants are expected to undertake the preparatory reading when set, attend all seminar sessions and lectures and be actively engaged in their seminars and tutorials.  The teaching model includes significant time for sharing and discussing ideas in a supportive group. 

If I've already done Law at A-level or a similar level, is this programme for me?

The programme is at the level of a university course, it goes much deeper and broader than pre-university level courses. If you are interested, you would be most welcome.

What material will be covered in the course?

The core modules in 2024 include Criminal law, Property law, Land Law, Tort law,   Jurisprudence, Environmental law, EU Law. There will be further enrichment activities across a range of further topics. Note, the exact offering is subject to change.

What does a typical day look like?

07:45    Last chance to watch the pre-recorded Introduction video for the day's core lecture.
08.15    Registration with cohort leader, discussion of issues of interest from day before
08.45    Live "Core" lecture scoping the main area of law for that day and setting work for the seminar
09.30    Break, with cohort online space open
09.45    45 minutes personal study; materials to work through for the seminar 
10.30    1 hour seminar with tutors; 12 students and 3 tutors
11.30    "Deep dive" lecture going into depth and preparing for the tutorial
12.30    Break
13.00    Personal study for half an hour to prepare for the tutorial
13.30    Tutorial in groups of 4
14.30    Break, with cohort online space open
14.45    Themes Lecture, live but recorded, drawing ideas from the day and linking out to wider issues 
15.15    Enrichment lecture on a different topic, live and recorded or pre-recorded
16.15    Day finishes

The first day, the Induction Day, and the last day, the Legal Practice Day, have amended timetables.

If I need to, can I withdraw from the course?

The general terms and conditions for online sale are available via the cancellation policy. They cover the ability to withdraw and the refund you would receive. Please note that in relation to the Summer Programme there are two variations to these general terms and conditions.  There is a new clause 6.4, and clause 7.5 below replaces clause 7.5 in the general terms and conditions.

"6.4 If we are unable to deliver the goods and/or services as intended for any reason, including insufficient applications or attendance including cancellations, health-related disruptions, natural disasters or major incidences such as storms, floods, earthquakes and extreme weather conditions, we will refund you as much of fee as we reasonably are able. We reserve the right to reduce the amount to be refunded to cover costs incurred up to the point when the goods and/or services cannot be delivered."

"7.5 Notwithstanding clause 7.2, in the case of course or conference Products, you may cancel the Order up to two weeks before the start of the course or conference. After cancellation we will refund the following proportions of the fee. The periods reference the day on which we receive your notification of cancellation:

     7.5.1 More than 4 weeks before the start date: 100%

     7.5.2 2-4 weeks before the start date: 50%.

     7.5.3 Less than 2 weeks before the start date: 0%

All refunds are made in UK Sterling, to the card that was used to make the original payment. We cannot refund any shortfalls due to exchange rate fluctuations, or offer compensation for any bank or other charges incurred."