Aileen Kavanagh, BCL, MA (University College Dublin); MLE (Hanover); DPhil (Oxon) is Professor of Constitutional Law and Jeffrey Hackney Fellow and Tutor in Law at St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford.

Professor Kavanagh has published widely in national and international journals in the fields of domestic and comparative constitutional law, human rights and constitutional theory.  She is author of Constitutional Review under the UK Human Rights Act 1998 (CUP, 2009) which was shortlisted for the Peter Birks Prize for Outstanding Legal Scholarship in 2009.  She is also co-editor (together with Professor John Oberdiek, University of Rutgers, US) of Arguing About Law (Routledge, 2009), which is a reader in general jurisprudence.  Aileen is currently working on a new book called The Collaborative Constitution, which is due to be published by Cambridge University Press in early 2019.  Work towards this book was generously supported by a British Academy Research Fellowhsip in 2015.  Aileen sits on the editorial board of Law and Philosophy: An International Journal for Jurisprudence and Legal Philosophy and the leading UK journal specialising in all areas of constitutional and administrative law called Public Law. 

At Oxford, Aileen teaches constitutional law, administrative law and jurisprudence to undergraduates, but she also runs a postgraduate research seminar series called Issues in Comparative Constitutionalism.  She is an Academic Affilliate at the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights and an Associate at the Oxford Human Rights HubShe welcomes approaches from any students who wish to do research in any of her subject-areas.

In September 2019, she will take up the Chair in Constitutional Governance at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.


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  • A Kavanagh, 'Recasting the Political Constitution: From Roles to Relationships' (2019) 30 Kings Law Journal (Special Issue) (forthcoming)
  • A Kavanagh, 'El papel de los jueces en el marco de una carta de derechos: Una teoría de la contención judicial -The Role of Courts under a Bill of Rights: A Theory of Judicial Restraint (in Spanish with English Abstract)' (2017) 13 Eunomia - Revista en Cultura de la Legalidad 80
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  • A Kavanagh, 'The Elusive Divide between Interpretation and Legislation under the Human Rights Act 1998' (2004) 24 Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 259
  • A Kavanagh, 'The Role of a Bill of Rights in Reconstructing Northern Ireland' (2004) 26 Human Rights Quarterly 956
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  • A Kavanagh, 'Kavanagh's book on the Human Rights Act was widely cited in the Policy Exchange Report entitled 'Bringing Rights Back Home - Making human rights compatible with parliamentary democracy in the UK' (2000)
    The report (authored by Michael Duschinsky) is available at
  • A Kavanagh, 'R v Momcilovic [2010] VSCA 50 (17 March 2010)' (2000)
    Kavanagh's article "The Elusive Divide Between Interpretation and Legislation" (2004) 24 OJLS 259 was cited with approval in this case by the Court of Appeal of Victoria (Australia). It has been granted special leave by the High Court of Australia.
  • A Kavanagh, 'The Quest for Legitimacy in Constitutional Interpretation' (1998) 32 Irish Jurist 195

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constitutional and administrative law, comparative constitutionalism, human rights and constitutional theory

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